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 黒乃くれは   Kureha Kurono 
Kureha Kurono is an independent Vtuber with the catchphrase "Devil of Osaka".
Born and raised in Osaka, She is the real Kansai girl. She say "forever 16" But she has a lot of social experience.
Since she was a child, she dreamed of becoming a singer and spent all her time in lessons when she was a student.

After that, her dreams never come true and the days go by, but one day she sees "Virtual YouTuber" and wants to try it.
"I will never give up this time" and She debuted on March 24, 2019.

She sings, composes / writes lyrics, and uses Japanese and English to communicate with her fans.
From April 2021 She got manager from Indonesia Dea Violetia.
June 2021 She met "Dota2" miraculously. (Because her manager was team player in her country)
Nobody can stop Kureha dota2 addiction until now.
スクリーンショット 2021-07-07 080100.png

March 2019 Debut

May 2019 Original Song「A Long Journey」Released
January 2020 V Kouhaku Pick Up(Organizer:Meika Utai)
May 2020 Organized・Japan x Korea collab「Borderless」Released
June 2020 10K YouTube Subscribers
June 2020 World Vsinger Championship as Judge(Organizer:HANJO TV)
January 2021 V Kouhaku Pick Up(Organizer:
Meika Utai)

January 2021 15K YouTube Subscribers

February 2021 20K YouTube Subscribers

June 2021 Started Dota2 streams

July 2021 30K YouTube Subscribers

July 2021 Kureha appeared in One Esports
July 2021 Collab with Bok (TNC.Predator)
July 2021 Kure
ha appeared in One Esports


 Collab MV 
September 2019「Onegai Muscle」with Yorumata
September 2019「Uchiage Hanabi」with Takeshi Onizuka
November 2019「Connect」with Uehasu
March 2020「Kill This Love」with Kizuki Yumekawa
May 2020「Koioto to Amazora」with Suzuka Yase・Takeshi Onizuka
May 2020「Tell Your World」with Suzuka Yase
October 2020「Ice Cream」with Lena Edo
December 2020「Baddest」with Lena Edo
December 2020「Vocaloid Bossa Nova Medley ~ Vtuber World Collaboration ~」Organizer:Rin Oninosuzu

January 2021「Seasons of Love from Musical Rent」Organizer:Lily Kanon

February 2021「How You Like That?」with Moona Hoshinova (Hololive ID)

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